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With a desire to walk with people who are hurting, New Hope seeks to help the brokenhearted and those who are crushed in spirit to know that they are not alone.  We provide a full range of Biblically-based individual, marriage and family counseling services to adults and adolescents in areas including: Depression, Abuse, Attachment Issues, Career Counseling, Marriage Issues, Addictions, Divorce, Anger and Rage, Eating Disorders, Fear and Anxiety, Gender Issues, Grief and Loss, Sexuality, Spiritual Issues, support groups, and other emotional and relational issues.

New Hope Counseling Services seeks to connect individuals and families with a deeper understanding and experience of God’s grace and hope.  Our hope flows from trusting in God’s grace, waiting on God’s work, knowing God’s truth, working as a team, and reconnecting with God’s family.

Connecting means listening and loving people of all ages who are created in God’s image, yet who are broken by sin and a sinful world.  Connecting also means welcoming people with various struggles who desire to grow and to become what God has intended for them in Christ.

By God’s grace, these helping relationships will heal individuals, according to God’s truth and in the context of God’s family.  All of this is possible by the supernatural work of God’s spirit in our lives together.

Our Services

Individual Counseling – New Hope counselors seek to bring restoration and freedom to individuals dealing with a number of issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, and relational distress.

Marriage Counseling – Our counselors hope to help couples connect honestly and intimately as they work through issues such as communication, conflict, intimacy, trust, and sexuality.

Family Counseling – Keeping loving connections between parents and children is challenging. Our counselors are skilled at helping families connect as they navigate the inevitable changes that happen throughout our lives.

Youth & Children Counseling – In order to connect deeply with and understand our children and teen clients, our therapists are trained in both talk and play therapy. We are experienced in helping children and adolescents work through a number of issues such as Life and School transitions, Loneliness, anxiety and depression, the fall out from divorce, and eating disorders.

Pre-Marital Counseling – Our premarital counseling program is designed to come alongside couples as they prepare for their lives together. Pre-marital counseling is designed to help couples look at the strengths of their relationship as well as explore potential areas of growth.

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